Vatican City 

Hey everyone! So sorry for the delay the jet lag has been unreal and every free moment I’ve had has been resting. 

So Day 3 of beautiful Roma! What a special day this was for me. After going to Catholic school for 12 years of my life I decided that it was a must to visit the most Catholic location in the world, Vatican City. 

We booked an early morning Vatican tour to ensure we would be able to see everything despite the crowds. Before we set off on our tour we indulged in a cappuccino and Italian pastries. I can honestly say that I can never drink American coffee the same. Cappuccinos in Italy are truly life changing. 

We had an amazing tour guide who really enriched us with the history. The beauty of the Vatican is life changing. My favorite part was the hallways leading up to the Sistine Capel and St. Peter’s Basilica. It was like a build up to even more beauty. 

I was extremely surprised at how small the Sistine Chapel was. My whole life I have envisioned it to be this large room! St. Peter’s was so intricate and honestly majestic. And yes of course I touched the feet for good luck!! 

The most important and satisfying part of this was that I was able to offer prayers for my family and friends in the place I have always dreamed of going. We followed the trip by enjoying paninis!


Later that day, after relaxing and taking some time to decompress, we decided that it was about time to eat some amazing gelato. This was the best thing I have eaten on the entire trip. 

I will never eat ice cream the same. Nothing will compare. 

We also spent some time walking around and exploring the city a bit more. We found the most adorable streets on our walk home. I definitely wouldn’t mind living here. 

Lastly, we made our way to a more contemporary Italian restaurant. It was delicious. It was absolutely packed with a mix of younger people as well as older Italians. We knew it had to be good!! 

So grateful for this day and to be in such a beautiful place! Stay in tune for more of our travels!!!


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