When in Rome

After a crazy last day in Barcelona, the first day in Rome definitely made it a lot better. 

We heard from many people that the only way to visit Rome was to walk around. That’s what we did. We left our apartment and arrive in center city Rome at around at 11am. Our apartment is actually just above the vatican. 

We started wandering the streets of this beautiful city. We were so amazed by all the monuments. We stopped every 100 meters to take pictures. There is so much history to Rome. 
Our first stop was the Trevi Fountain! A must of course. It was crowded with people but we managed to make our way to the front and threw in some coins for good luck 🙂 


We then continued walking and saw the Quirinal Palace, the Church of Saint Andrew, and the Altare de la Patria (National Monument). The inside of the Church was gorgeous. The fresque on the wall were mesmerizing. We later learned that roman churches were built with colons from older Ancient Rome. Rome is on point when it comes to recycling. 

The Altare de la Patria, which was built for the first King of the unified Italy, was one of our favorite more modern spot. It was so grandiose and really made a point of being the national monument. The view from up there was gorgeous too. 

Finally we made our way to the Colosseum, one of the seven wonders of the world. We joined a tour on site and entered the monument. When we arrived in front of the colosseum, we noticed a lot of firemen on the top floor. This was part of their training. They all started going down slowly, attached with cable. It was pretty cool to watch. Definitely a cool way to train. 

The inside of the Coliseum was impressive as well. We could still see the rooms where the gladiators would sleep in. Not sure anyone today would like such a small room without windows. It was very shocking to learn that more than 700,000 man have died there. Romans did have some unique hobbies. 

Our next stop was the Palatino Hills and Roman forum. Our tour guide Sarah was awesome. She was so fun and upbeat, which made the tour very enjoyable. We walked through a garden with many ruins (some types of apartments), and arrived at a view point over the Roman Forum. It was absolutely gorgeous. The history was pretty cool too. To honors the death of their wife or children, the husband would have a Temple built for them. Take note mom and dad, I don’t expect any less :). 

It was already 7pm when the personnel of the place told us to leave because it was closing. We had walked more than 10km and were ready to make our way home
But not yet. We had a reservation at a restaurant Michelle’s papi told us to go to, Ambasciatta D’abruzzo. It was very good and we had very yummy white wine from that area. After a good and filling dinner we made our way back and absolutely crashed. We had to be up early the next to go to Pompeii.



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